Cadence Comic Art is a website specializing in original comic art, commissions, and limited-edition prints! This Tumblr is a mere taste of the fantastic art on our main page.

The Manhattan Projects Prints by Nick Pitarra now available for sale!

Limited Edition (1/100) Black and White Version, 11x17”, Signed, Printed on Strathmore 500 stock. $50 plus shipping, $10 US, $20 Canada or $35 elsewhere (Combined shipping available)

Full Color version colored by series colorist, Jordie Bellaire, 11x17, Signed, Printed on Semi-glossy card stock. $20 plus shipping, $10 US, $20 Canada or $35 elsewhere (Combined shipping available)

To order: send me a message here or send an email to paolo@cadencecomicat.com

Reminder: Many wonderful pages from The Manhattan Projects by Nick Pitarra and Ryan Browne are available at CadenceComicArt.com

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